My Experience with Foreclosure




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No one sets out to go into foreclosure. I sure didn’t. But life is known for its unpredictability. In my case, the housing market took a sharp down-turn. More like a nose-dive, really. My property was located in South Florida. When I moved to Central Florida, I was forced to rent out the property because I was upside down. After a while, I could no longer make up in rent what I was paying in mortgage. I was losing hundreds of dollars every month.

I felt frightened and overwhelmed. And, frankly, embarrassed. I didn’t know what my options were, besides letting the bank foreclose on the properties. I had to feel my way along through the process. Ultimately, I hired an attorney to handle my foreclosure. I chose to go the attorney route, because I was terrified of the legal and financial ramifications of foreclosure. I was fortunate, because I had just enough money to cover the flat fee she charged—which was thousands of dollars. But not everyone can do that.

Foreclosure is emotionally and financially trying. Sometimes people feel backed into a corner and forced to go through the process alone.

I wish I’d known I could sell my property to an investor. Selling to an investor would’ve provided debt relief and peace of mind—not to mention saved me the attorney fees and the emotional toll of constant phone calls and letters from the bank. Even with an attorney handling my case, I was afraid to pick up the phone. Every time there was a knock at the door, I was afraid I was being served papers. It was an intense situation. For me, the process was relatively short because I had hired an attorney. But it can drag out for a year or more. That really is no way to live.

I got into this business because I want to help people. And I can. I buy property that is in foreclosure or approaching foreclosure. The sooner homeowners contact me, the better. I work with the bank to catch up missed payments and take over payments moving forward. The owners of the house walk away with peace of mind, knowing that the bank isn’t looking to collect from them anymore. No more phone calls. No more letters. No fear of papers being served. It’s simply a chapter of their lives that is over.

No matter what your situation or how you got there, you are not alone. I will work with you to understand your unique situation and to find a creative, win-win solution. I can help you.  

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